The management of the Kopanong Local Municipality is led by the Municipal Manager as the accounting officer. The Accounting Officer is supported by five senior managers.

Office of the Municipal Manager

The municipal manager’s key performance areas include:

    • Basic Service Delivery
    • Local Economic Development
    • Municipal Financial Viability
    • Municipal Transformation
    • Good Governance and Public Participation

As accounting officer, the Municipal Manager is responsible for:

    • The general financial administration of the Municipality
    • Asset and liability management
    • Revenue and expenditure management
    • Budget preparation and implementation
    • Compliance and oversight reporting to Executive Mayor, Council and provincial and national government

The Office of the Municipal Manager provides the momentum of the administration and integrates all the disparate components of the Municipality.

Office of the Chief Financial Officer

  • To ensure efficient and effective financial management.
  • Management of assets and liabilities.
  • Management of revenue and expenditure
  • Management of the budget
  • Performance of the Treasury Function
  • Maintenance of internal financial control
  • Management of financial administration
  • Risk Management
  • Financial advice to Council, Accounting Officer and management
  • Consumer Relations
  • Manage and lead the Financial Directorate
  • IT management and development
  • Supply Chain Management

Community Services

  • Operation of internal water reticulation.
  • Provision of sanitation
  • Management of landfill sites
  • Maintenance of all the parks
  • Management and maintenance of cemeteries
  • Operation of a refuse removal system
  • Electricity – Centlec

Corporate Services

  • Effective management of human resources to ensure the transformation of skills development, employment equity and performance appraisal
  • Provision of strategic human resource support to all Council business functions, people development and to ensure the maintenance of sound labour relations
  • Ensure that the software utilized to support the transformation process complies with acceptable standards and regulations
  • Effective management of an administration system that is efficient and facilitates decision making and service delivery
  • Provides administrative, logistical and operative telecommunications management
  • Manage the Corporate Services budget so that income and expenditure is in line with Council’s requirements and provides strategic advice, information and support.

Technical Services

  • Management of all Capital projects
  • Maintenance of all vehicles and equipment
  • Management of all housing matters