Role of the Speaker

Profile of the Speaker

Ms. Masana Ennie is the Speaker of the Kopanong Local Municipality. She was born in 1975 at Matoporong, Reddersburg. Growing up she was actively involved in student politics and other progressive youth formations like the ANC Youth League and the Congress of South African Students (COSAS). She started her schooling career at Reddersburg and completed her matric at Beang-tse-Molemo High School. Ms. Ennie also served as the chairperson of the school governing body of the same school in 2010.

Her political career started in 1990 whilst she was in Botshabelo, serving as the COSAS deputy chairperson in Seemahale High School. She then went to Reddersburg in the early 2000’s where she served in various positions in the tripartite alliance and ANC leagues. The Speaker served in the branch of the ANC Women`s League in Reddersburg from 2007 until 2009. She also served as a REC member in the ANC Xhariep region as well as in the Women`s League’s Xhariep region. She worked as a librarian at the Reddersburg library until 2009 when she became a PR councillor in the Xhariep District Municipality. Ms. Ennie is furthering her studies towards a qualification in public relations.

Role of the Speaker

The Constitution and Municipal Structures Act requires that every Council elects a Chairperson, who is called The Speaker. The aim of the Office of the Speaker is to structure the two functions of a Municipal Council, i.e. its legislative function and its executive function. The Speaker presides at meetings of the Council and performs the duties and exercises the powers delegated to the Speaker. These duties include;

  • Ensuring that Councilmeets at least quarterly;
  • Maintaining order during meetings; must ensure;
  • Ensuring compliance in the Council and Council committees with the Code of Conduct of Councillors; and
  • Ensuring that Council meetings are conducted in accordance with the rules and orders of the Council.